FAQ | How can I optimise my game, for the most FPS?

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Jul 15, 2021
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FiveM can be a very intensive game to run for a computer, and this will effect some more than other's, depending on the specs of your computer. If you are experience graphical hitches, broken textures, and lag, you may want to consider following this guide, as I will run you through step-by-step, ways to stop this dreaded occurrence.

In this tutorial, there are several different techniques we will use. I suggest you experiment with each one, and see which fits right for your Computer.

Firstly, you will need to open your FPS Counter. This will allow us to see the outcome of the changes we are making, and act accordingly.
  1. Open FiveM, and join the San Andreas Roleplay Game Server, and wait for your game to fully load.
  2. Press F8, once the console has opened, hover over "Overlays", and click "Draw FPS".

    Draw FPS.png
  3. Press F8 again, to close this console.
For our first change, we are going to lower our the graphical intensity of Textures. It is suggested that regardless of the graphical power of your computer, at the very minimum for your "Textures" to be set to normal. For those experiencing hard graphical hitches, we suggest the following.
  1. Press "ESC", Locate & Click "Settings", and click "Graphics".
  2. Using your mouse and arrow keys, change your settings to this accordance.


  3. Ensure you save these settings! It will require you to restart your FiveM Application, however, this is normal.
After changing these settings, and you graphical problems are persisting, consider the following.
  1. Open FiveM, and join the San Andreas Roleplay Game Server, and wait for your game to fully load.
  2. Open chat, by pressing "T", and perform one of the below commands.

If graphical problems still continue to persist, we recommend that you perform a computer malware check, and clear your computer's drives. We hold no further assistance or liability beyond this point.
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